Like so many of us, Jeremiah Howell began life as a cute (though understandably needy and noisy) baby. This fleshy lump of drooling potential was born to heroic (though humble) parents in Monterey California who, under the gainful employment of dear Uncle Sam and his vast military, traveled the globe while Jeremiah learned to express himself less through drool and more through art. In fact, by the age of 12, Jeremiah had blossomed from a mere fleshy lump into an award-winning artist taking first place at various art shows.

At this point in the story, we must break for an old Italian proverb: "To find one's true self, one needs an Italian mentor." (Yes, it's a little self-promoting on the part of the Italians, but it's to be expected). It just so happens that - much to the delight of pasta-eating leaning-tower loving Italians everywhere - Jeremiah was able to glean wisdom and tutelage from none other than the Italian sculptor, Fernando Nicotera. During this time of enlightenment, Jeremiah's artistic hunger evolved as he gorged on the veritable buffet of European masterpieces in Paris, London, Venice, Rome, and even the Netherlands (it's worth pointing out for those that are worried that Jeremiah never actually ate any works of art, it's just an expression).

Fueled by aesthetic fervor during these formative years, Jeremiah reigned as Vice President and later (through a coup involving the cunning use of sketch pads and oil-based paints) President of his school's art club. He was awarded the highest score in his school on the Advanced Placement Studio Art exam. He even achieved the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America at the tender non-drooling age of 14, and even had time for girlfriends in high school (who were attracted not only to his artistic passion, but his not-so-lumpy-rather chiseled-physique).

While certainly a monogamous man in all the ways that count, Jeremiah simply wasn't good at providing academic institutions the single-minded devotion they so crave. Rather than woo him into the comforting embrace of learning, subjects like algebra drove him passionately towards non-scholastic art projects. While his skills were refined outside the classroom, he did continue flirtatious affairs within the areas of fine arts, graphics, and psychology at Angelo State University in Texas, and even business, marketing, and English at the University of Maryland at a remote campus in Okinawa, Japan.

It was during his time in Okinawa, only partially predisposed to formal education - and far more exposed through his work as Editor in Chief of a local magazine, that Jeremiah experienced an entrepreneurial wakening! The culmination of his artistic knowledge, extensive travels, and savvy cultural understanding mixed with his newly discovered saucy entrepreneurial spirit to form a menu of exquisitely tasty interests and ventures. The most intriguing item on this menu of inspired escapades is Braintone Art, where anyone can create artwork by harnessing the power of their brainwaves.

During his twenty years of navigating the ebbing cosmopolitan currents and evolving flows of art and media, Jeremiah has contributed to the development of several start-up companies around the globe and continues to forge ahead avoiding mediocrity, challenging the norm, and ever seeking to broaden the way we as humans think about the world.

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